“When I paint, having obtained the right attitude and inspiration on the right moment, the act of painting converts in a state of being.”

Karel Stoop has been born in the south of The Netherlands in a numerous artistic family, which made that he was introduced to painting already at a very young age. He had an academic art education in The Netherlands and studied multimedia at the university in Barcelona. He made plenty of journeys to Asia, Middle East, North Africa, USA and all over Europe. He lived periods in Amsterdam, Ibiza and Barcelona and made exhibitions all over. His works can be found in private collections and some museums. Actually he lives and works for large periods in Barcelona (Spain) and has his professional residence in Oosterhout in The Netherlands.

Karel has developed his own experimental process to create each unique piece, utilizing oils, pigments and industrial tools. He produces a melody of color, line and ombre tones. Karel’s artworks have been exhibited internationally and acquired by public and private collectors. His main inspiration is the universe and the awareness of being alive.

“I consider myself as a traveler and observer, expressing my reality and relation with the universe through painting.”